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Choosing A Professional SEO Agency In Surrey

If you are in need of new online marketing agency, or just a professional SEO company, then you will know that navigating through the vast number of Online Marketing providers can be a minefield. There are a vast number of SEO agencies in Surrey and globally  operating within the online marketing space. Choosing one to work on your website, form a valuable partnership with and place what is effectively a lot of trust in, is a difficult decision to make. There are a few key indicators to look for when making the decision of which agency to work with though.

Firstly, listen to recommendations. If you attend events within your industry, ask your competitors which agency they use for SEO and who they have used in the past. Listen to their recommendations and bad experiences with SEO agencies. Speak to companies outside your sector who have had success with online marketing. It is likely that your competitors may be reluctant to tell you who they use for SEO if it is going well for them, but companies who don’t work within your sector should be more forthcoming with information as to what SEO agency in Surrey or elsewhere that they would recommend.

Look for client testimonials. No-one will be able to tell you how an SEO agency performs better than their clients. Don’t just accept the testimonials that the agency provides; either on their site or via email, as these will obviously have been vetted. Instead ask for a couple of their clients’ contact details and get in touch with them directly. Ask for both the positives and negatives of working with the agency. Try to speak to both large and small companies, and especially a company that is of comparable size to you. Find out what level of service you can expect.

Don’t just look at results. Obviously results matter and are the best metric for judging a SEO agencies proficiency, but other things are important to a successful relationship as well. In order to form a successful partnership with your SEO team, you are looking for an SEO agency in Surrey or elsewhere that is willing to put the time and effort in to learn about your company and your goals, rather than just provide a “one size fits all” SEO approach. Communication is key to this – there is nothing worse than working with an agency, with whom you spend x amount of money with each month, only to receive a ranking report at the end of the month and no communication in between.

Finally, before you sign your contract, find out exactly who will be working on your site. Ideally it will be someone who you are comfortable working with on a day to day basis – if that’s the case, you’ll both obviously be a lot more productive. Importantly, make sure you ask your dedicated team about their experience and previous work history.


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